Elite Crypto Signals

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What are trade signals?

Signals are announcements of good buy opportunities in cryptocurrency, that generally provide a buy range, sell target(s). Our signals are supplied by highly experienced crypto analysts.

What services do I receive as a Premium member of Elite Crypto Signals?

Trade signals, pricing predictions, cryptocurrency news, a community to share ideas, experienced guidance, Lifetime members also get access to a free Cryptocurrency trading bot which does trading automatically in your account.

What exchanges can I use for the signals?

Supported exchanges are Binance and KuCoin for US users. There are also calls on Bitmex.

I purchased Premium, Where can I see the premium signals?

In the premium-signals section of our Discord group. After the purchase Premium rank will be given, so you will be able to see this section. This can take up to 24 hours, but you can speed up the process by messaging Admin on Discord.

What is the difference between Free and Premium membership?

The difference is huge. Free signals are good, but Premium signals are more accurate and more frequent.

How many signals do Premium members receive?

There are around 2 signals a day so it’s about 60 Premium signals a month.

Is this a “pump and dump” group?

Absolutely not. We have no intention to influence the market.

What is the trading bot good for?

The bot can execute trading strategies automatically on your account, which is called automated trading. It’s different from signal following, but can be useful for traders who are busy.