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If you’re looking to earn monthly commissions, you’ve found the perfect product to help generate income through your JV Zoo account. 

Elite Crypto Signals is not your typical cookie-cutter crypto signal service – it’s a unique, valuable tool for newcomers to stay ahead of the game. 

As you may already know, happy customers using a great product means consistent commissions for you. That’s why we offer a high-quality signals service to our members – they simply love it and don’t even think to ask for refunds

In short, Elite Crypto Signals brings massive value, so everyone wins – including you, as an affiliate.

Here Are Four Important Reasons Why You Should Promote Elite Crypto Signals:

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You Can Get A 50% Cut Of Each Sale You Make (Recurring)

As an affiliate, you will earn 50% monthly commission on each sale, which means that when someone purchases from your link, you will instantly get $23.50 credited to your Digistore24 account. 

With $23.50 on every sale, it is easy to see how commissions can add up. This is the potential earnings: 

If you make 5 sales, you will earn $117.50 per MONTH. 

If you make 10 sales, you will earn $235 per MONTH. 

If you make 20 sales, you will earn $470 per MONTH. 

If you make 50 sales, you will earn $1,175 per MONTH. 

If you make 100 sales, you will earn $2,350 per MONTH.

With Elite Crypto Signals, you can create a steady stream of passive, recurring income each month, unlike with regular products where customers pay only once!

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STEP 1 – Create Your JV Zoo Account (if you already have a JV Zoo account, skip this step.) Remember, every time someone clicks on one of your affiliate links, their computer will have a cookie, and if your visitor buys, then you will receive the commission.

STEP 2 – Grab your affiliate link!

STEP 3 – Promote!

Affiliate Terms & Conditions

As an affiliate promoting our products and services, it is important to  always abide by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines.Any negative marketing tactics, such as creating fake reviews or scam promotions to drive traffic, are strictly prohibited.

Additionally, the following promotional methods are not allowed and will result in termination from the affiliate program and forfeiture of any outstanding commissions:

  • Utilizing negative language, such as “scam,” in advertising campaigns.

  • Misrepresenting our product/offer and failing to comply with applicable endorsement laws and regulations in both your country of residence and the countries in which you are sending website traffic or advertising.

  • Sending unsolicited emails (SPAM) or using email lists of any kind.Offering cash incentives to individuals who purchase through your affiliate link.

  • Engaging in cookie stuffing, which will result in no commissions earned.

  • Falsely endorsing our products or services is not allowed.

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